HUABIO Guarantee

We're dedicated to developing the highest-quality antibodies that accelerate innovation. We're passionate about the accuracy, efficacy, and consistency of our products. You can learn more about the testings and checkpoints we implemented in the QA system and QC processes in our Commitment to Quality. We support each and every one of our antibodies with our guarantee.


Is the reagent not working as desired? We promise:

  • to respond within 24 hours

  • to replace or refund for products purchased within the last 12 months that not performing as stated on the datasheet

  • to investigate any and all quality concerns to ensure our products pass the most stringent quality requirements

Now you can start looking for your antibodies without concerns.




Terms and conditions:


  • Guarantee only valid for products bought directly from HUABIO or an authorized distributor

  • "Predicted to react" information on datasheets is based on sequence homology and provided for reference only and is not a guarantee, as they have not been tested.

  • The product must be purchased within the last 12 months.

  • The refund is nontransferable.

  • The guarantee does not apply to non-catalog orders including custom or bulk orders.

  • Guarantee applies only when recommended protocols are used and storage conditions are followed

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